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We at Nirvana believe that, "limitations  are lies we tell ourselves" which lead us to the Mantra – “Get Liberated” -> it’s not as complex as e=mc2 but as simple as undressing & dressing up in our “Liberating Gears”. The gas behind this homemade concoction is “change the way you dress up… and you shall change the way you think… change your thoughts… and you shall liberate yourself”.


This was conceived by Raj Bhandare & Sneha Bhandare, who think all is possible and the rest just follows… they have no choice but to be blind followers…..”


Liberation is not what comes to you; it is something you create out of what you have. Realization of self doesn’t come naturally, it is a state of mind attained through an experience unforeseen and unplanned. It is what you chose to do at that moment when you experience a new high or low. Much like Goa, it is the beaches and the natural beauty that draw the tourists to this beautiful place, but it’s the experiences one has here that leads to moments of introspection and clarity of mind. The moment when you are at peace with what you know of yourself and are happy where you are.

It is good to remind yourself of a good space for your mind to be in, in today’s world where people intoxicate themselves with busy schedules so they won’t see how they really are. It is good to remind yourself that liberation is a principle of thought and not just a place or time to be in.


Our products as what they say are not bound by commercial aspects that sell; we don’t use celebrity faces or Rock-stars pin-up designs. Every scratch of art on a Nirvana t-shirts has been created by hand on paper and then converted into graphics to print, that’s why we call it art and not design. You will not find any of our t-shirt art anywhere else, for they have been created for their “soul purpose” of spreading the message of Liberation through a Nirvana Product. We like to keep it simple and natural; hence, all our clothing is manufactured from 100% combed cotton that will also keep your body and mind cool.

A truly "MADE IN INDIA" Swadeshi Clothing Brand. 

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